i Deleted it off Newgrounds cause i wasn't to entiley happy with it, honestly the best part that came out of it was the speed art which you can see here: https://vid.me/gIbx

but if you wanna see it it is still up on my Twitter: https://twitter.com/Schizophist_/status/840245733026598915

To be honest i wasn't sure where i was going with that one and after it being so long without posting offten that's kind've unacceptable to post something im not really happy with. i do plan on posting more however, the last half of 2016 had been a crazy one for me and i sort of fell in a creative slump, just recently i've found myself more motivated to draw after months of just scribbling shit til' it looked better, sorry i've been gone so long. 

i'm not calling this a comeback, cause i don't wanna jinx myself, but i do plan on posting more


2016-09-22 18:04:47 by Schizophist

Whenever it's done.